Powershell pro Tools in vsCode - Not working

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module
vsCode v 1.70.2 - Portable installation
Pro Tools  2022.8.0 ant downgraded to v2022.6.0

I installed the ProTool but can not get it to Work

I Try to start “Show Form Designer”
On v2022.6.0 I get these error
[Window Title]
Visual Studio Code
Command ‘PowerShell Pro Tools: Show Form Designer’ resulted in an error (command ‘powershell.showWinFormDesigner’ not found)

On v2022.8.0 I did not get some errors, but nothing happend either.

Hi @ohenrikh,

Thanks for coming here to post about this.

  1. Can you confirm if the PowerShell Pro Tools extension notification (pictured) is green on your end? This indicates that the extension is running normally.

  2. Can you also check to see if PSScriptPad.exe file is located where it should be? It is located by default at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\PowerShellProTools\2022.8.0\windows\PSScriptPad.exe


In most cases like this, the resolution ends up being to completely remove the extensions and reinstall.

forgot pic


removed all and Reinstalled “2022.8.0” and I got “Powershell Pro Tools” up in the notification line.
But I can not got the “show Form Designer” to work
I can not find the “PSScriptPad.exe” file - Neither in my vsCodePortable-Folder or in my ProfileFolder
But I have a Warning in My Extension

PS I install from VSIX - And My Server has no internet Connection
PS Now I See in the Notification Line “Downloading Powershell Pro Tools Host…”
But I have no Internet Connection for my vsCode Server

Then I Found these Site: Installation and Licensing - PowerShell Pro Tools (poshtools.com)
And got installed the App too
And it Works
What shal I do with my Lisence.txt file to get the licence in to vsCode ?

You can use the Install License Key command.

Use the PowerShell Pro Tools: Install License Key command to install your license.

In Visual Studio Code, press Ctrl+Shift+P to activate the command palette. Once the palette is shown, you can start to search for the command listed above. Select it and press enter. Paste the entire contents of the license key file into the input box shown.