vsCode PST is stuck on "connecting..."

I want to try out PowerShell Tools but I can’t seem to get it working, when I install it on vscode PST is just stuck on “PowerShell pro tools is Connecting…”

I have made sure that I have the PowerShell module 2022.3.0.0 PowerShellProTools installed, not sure if I need it for macOS? The Module? But now it’s installed anyway.

Running macOS 12.3

OS: macOS 12.3
Tool: Visual Studio Code (latest), PowerShell Pro Tools (latest)
Version: latest release

@adam how can I get past this?
I have tried everything it that I can’t think of

Can you check in the output pane for PowerShell Pro Tools? It should provide some more information.

Found this in the logs

[2022-03-16 07:02:56.148] [exthost] [info] ExtensionService#_doActivateExtension ironmansoftware.powershellprotools, startup: false, activationEvent: 'onView:astView'
[2022-03-16 07:02:56.257] [exthost] [info] ExtensionService#_doActivateExtension ms-vscode.powershell, startup: false, activationEvent: 'api', root cause: ironmansoftware.powershellprotools
[2022-03-16 07:02:57.536] [exthost] [error] Activating extension ironmansoftware.powershellprotools failed due to an error:
[2022-03-16 07:02:57.536] [exthost] [error] Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, chmod '/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/kit/osx/PowerShellProTools.Host'
	at Object.chmodSync (fs.js:1279:3)
	at PowerShellService.getDebugPath (/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/services/powershellservice.js:108:20)
	at PowerShellService.<anonymous> (/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/services/powershellservice.js:222:33)
	at Generator.next (<anonymous>)
	at /Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/services/powershellservice.js:8:71
	at new Promise (<anonymous>)
	at __awaiter (/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/services/powershellservice.js:4:12)
	at PowerShellService.Start (/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/services/powershellservice.js:221:16)
	at /Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/extension.js:104:33
	at Generator.next (<anonymous>)
	at fulfilled (/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/out/extension.js:5:58)
	at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)

But I have re-installed it etc still can’t get it to work.
This is from the “Log (Extension Host)” as I don’t get anything from the “PowerShell pro tools” when I select that in the “output”

It looks like it failed to download the dotnet executable. It’s supposed to do that the first time you start it up. You can try to download it manually and install it to the path listed.

Something like:

$Version = '2022.3.0'
Invoke-WebRequest "https://poshtools.blob.core.windows.net/vscode/osx.$Version.zip" -OutFile .\vscode.zip

$TargetDir = "/Users/rstolpe/.vscode/extensions/ironmansoftware.powershellprotools-2022.3.0/kit/osx"
Expand-Archive .\vscode.zip -Destination $TargetDir
Get-ChildItem $TargetDir -Recurse | Unblock-File 

We have some instructions here: Installation and Licensing - PowerShell Pro Tools

I’ll open an issue to track this though since it’s not working automatically.