License install error - command 'poshProTools.installLicense' not found

Hi all,

I purchased PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio Code in May 2022 and i’m trying to get it installed again but getting an error when trying to install the license key.

“Command ‘PowerShell Pro Tools: Install License Key’ resulted in an error.”
“command ‘poshProTools.installLicense’ not found.”


I’ve tried to install several versions from around and before May 2022 from PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio Code - Ironman Software but they all show the same error.

Any ideas? I’d like to start using it again and maybe upgrade to the newest version.

Thanks very much,

You can install versions up until your license date in May 2023. One thing that you could try, is to do a manual license install and then restart VS Code to see if it picks up the license.

Thanks, i’ll give it a go :+1:


I got the license installed via the PowerShell command which is now in
C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\PowerShell Pro Tools\license.lic

It’s showing the icons in the top right corner (PS Script Pad and Form Designer etc.) but they throw a error “command ‘powershell.showWinFormDesigner’ not found”.

The language mode still says PowerShell and not PowerShell Pro Tools (e.g. from this tread Powershell pro Tools in vsCode - Not working - PowerShell Tools - Ironman Software Forums).

Clicking the refresh icons in the left extension menu shows
“Error running command astView.refresh: command ‘astView.refresh’ not found. This is likely caused by the extension that contributes astView.refresh.”

I thought i’d see what happens if i updated to the latest version just to see if Script Pad and the Form Designer worked and they did. The language mode also shows PowerShell Pro Tools as well and not just PowerShell. Going back to my license shows the errors again.


I’m not getting anywhere with this vs-code extension. The trial license I had to copy in via the settings. The toolbar for the extension is visible but it just shows spinners like it is loading something.