Received trial license but I can't install it in VS Code on Win 10

I got a trial license.txt. But I can’t install it. The instructions mention a notification I can click on to load the license. There is no notification to click on. The instructions mention using Install-PostProToolsLicense. PowerShell says: The term ‘Install-PoshProToolsLicense’ is not recognized …
Just stuck with none of the Pro features enabled, so I have no idea if I’ll be able to try this product for real.

I found a way. Just to the right of IntelliSense in the lower right was a little icon that looked like two paper clips attached to each other. I clicked on that, and that’s where I was able to find something that said Install License.

I had the same problem, and tried the same thing, clicking the double paperclip icon. I did that a few times before realizing that the menu would come up only after waiting for several seconds with nothing to indicate that anything would happen. You’ll have to do a better job of hiding that icon and maybe have the menu take a full minute to come up if you want to make the license truly impossible to install. Sorry for the sarcasm but this was very irritating.

Seems like we need to improve the extension activation performance. It’s not doing anything because it’s doing a bunch of startup stuff that’s taking too long. Sorry for the issue.

For anyone else that runs into this issue and finds this thread, you can also use Ctrl+Shift+P and issue the Install License Key command. More info here: Installation and Licensing - PowerShell Pro Tools

To anyone who might be experiencing issues with installing license file on PowerShell Pro Tools for VS Code, there is a bug (with workaround) posted to the tracker at Open License File - not able to read license · Issue #1222 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

I’ve seen some comments about this bug but not able to find them so posting here. Use the workaround until this is fixed.

I’m getting a different error message. I’m trying to install power shell pro tools. I go to VS Code per directions, I open the license.txt file in the editor, I locate the command in the pallete, and run it. But I get a message saying command not found. I attached it to this message