Can't install license for PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Code on macOS

Tool: PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Code on macOS 11.0.1
Version: 5.20.7

Hi all,

Today my manager purchased a subscription to PowerShell Pro Tools for me.

I got 3 emails from FastSpring confirming my subscription has been activated, however, there was no license key or license file attached to any of the emails. My manager says he doesn’t have it in his email either.

Further, when I go to my order details on FastSpring’s website, I see no way to retrieve a license key or license file. I’ve contacted them as well and am waiting for a response.

I am using PowerShell Pro Tools (right now unlicensed) on Visual Studio Code for macOS. I can’t find where to apply the license key/file once I get it. How do I install the license on macOS? I looked at the documentation on your website for how to load the license but I don’t get the pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen like it is shown in the documentation.

I also see there is a way to install the license manually via the %appdata% folder, but this is a Mac and that folder doesn’t exist.

I can provide an order number and details but I don’t want to disclose that in the post.

Thank you,


Please email us at to get this resolved.