Problems adding license to VS 2019 Pro


I bought a license years ago for PowerShell Pro Tools when you first started. I am trying to add the license in the Help section of VS 2019 Pro and it says “Invalid product license specified”

The license file is XML <License><Terms >blah</Terms><Signature>blahblah</Signature></License>

Is that still the format and if so why isn’t it working?

Hey @johndonnelly,

The license is good for 1 year of upgrades so if you bought it a couple years back then it likely won’t work on the recent versions of PowerShell Pro Tools. You can still use it on those previous versions. If you have the license date, I can provide the versions it’s valid on.

Oh OK. Def not good anymore. I’ll get another!

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Hi, one question: I have a license that I used in VS 2017. I have now changed pc, how do I transport the license?


Hey @ZicoAllIn,

You should be able to just add it on the new PC. Sounds like that isn’t working.

Can you email me at adam[at] with your order information? I can get it sorted.

Bye thank you
first of all I apologize for English :wink: I use the translator (I’m Italian)

I purchased the license

I tried to uninstall on the old pc

and reinstall on the new but …

delete the regedit data from the old PC ???

When you open Visual Studio, do you have PowerShell Tools installed? It looks like that error says its already installed. Have you tried a more recent version (5.5.0 is the latest).

yes, I have tried various versions and above all it says that it is already installed.
if I go on the old pc it installs and uninstalls without any problem.
it seems that despite the uninstall there are traces somewhere (regedit? file in APPDATA ??)


I managed to install the extension for VS 2017 but since it expires in March 2020 if I update it to the latest it no longer works.
which is the latest version that i can install with my license?
(the use I make of it is didactic, not production)

? can i have an answer please

The most recent version that you can use with your license is 5.3.5:

Can you please try that one?


It works, thanks.
But what expires on March 20?
can I no longer use it?
Or am I no longer receiving updates? (which cmq I was stopped at 5.3.5)

Thanks for the answers

You can continue to use the version you have but won’t be able to use future versions after the expiration of the maintenance on the license.

forgive me one last question, why can’t I use newer versions since support expires on March 23rd?

Support and maintenance (upgrades) is what expires. The license is perpetual in terms of the current version at the time of the license period.