PowerShellPro Tools Extension installed but throws error

I got a new computer. The extension installs.

But when I try to run any of the commands I get an error.

I have it installed and working on my old computer but I can’t get it to work on the new computer.

Hi @ShaKy8,

Thanks for reaching out. Have you installed the license on the new computer? If so, we should see the details in the settings for the extension per below. Often what I do is copy/paste the entire contents of the license file into this license box below.

Please let us know if that helps. You may also raise a support case by using the ‘Contact Us’ on ironmansoftware.com

This is actually a result of Microsoft changing something in the PowerShell extension on Friday (version 2022.7.2). The only workaround at the moment is to downgrade to 2022.7.1 or earlier. We’re working on a fix and will have it out ASAP


To downgrade the PowerShell extension, select 2022.6.3 from ‘Install Another Version’ under the extension settings.


Once downgraded to 6.3, PowerShell Pro Tools 7.0 VS Code extension is working as expected.


Direct link to the extension: ms-vscode.PowerShell-2022.6.3.vsix (20.6 MB)

If anyone was impacted by this bug and needs an extension on their trial, please use the ‘Contact us’ on [ironmansoftware.com] @ Email Support - Ironman Software

This issue has been fixed and a release is in the pipeline. The build will be available in about an hour.

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Thank you! I just fired up the Pro Tools again and now it’s working. :smiley:

Now to figure out why I can’t compile my script.

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Is there any chance to get this issue also fixed on an older Version?
I have the Verions 5.27.X and i have also this issues. I’m fine with this Version and would like to use it on an longer time range.

Hi @MacVille,

My understanding is that there will not be any updates to past versions°. So the answer is no. Your only option here if you wish to use your perpetual license and stay on version 5.27.x forever, is to also lock :lock: your PowerShell extension to version 6.3 forever. Otherwise, you would need a new PowerShell Pro Tools license in order to utilize the latest features and compatibility updates.

° This is for @adam to speak on. I am only offering speculation that there could be exceptions (around updating past versions of PowerShell Pro Tools) if there were to be a major security vulnerability that emerged (similar to when Microsoft patched Windows XP long after it was EOL here).

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If you need another trial key, please reach out to us @ [Email Support - Ironman Software] (Email Support - Ironman Software)