RapidSense requires a PowerShell Pro Tools license

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module

I have a license installed but when I try to enable RapidSense I get a popup messages saying it requires a license…

Something is borked with this extension and while I have fallen in love with it, it is quickly becoming more a headache than a help. Lack of actual support is also a issue. Do I need to spend $10 more a month to get actual help with these issues I am having?

Starting to get frustrated…

Thank you.

It looks like the extension is still activating and the license issue may not be actually the problem here.

You can always open a support case by email support@ironmansoftware.com. We offer business hour support so typically Monday through Friday. I’d be happy to schedule a call to get your issues sorted.

Adam, you are amazing and I appreciate you responding on the weekend! Since you believe this issue might be revolving around the activation issue lets collapse this conversation there.