Adding License breaks IIS site (2.1.0 and 2.0.3)

I have a IIS site, configured to support multiple sites (so database/repository etc points to something like .\UniversalAutomation\database.db fx) and it works so far.

If I install a license, the modal spins indefinetly - a License.ps1 is generated and If I refresh the page it correctly displays the license.
However, restarting the IIS site just kills it, and trying to visit the dashboard gives me a

HTTP Error 500.37 - ASP.NET Core app failed to start within startup time limit

STDout logs dont mention an error.

Only way to get back in is to delete the license.ps1 file

Are you using the standard (online) or offline license? It kind of sounds like the standard license is failing to talk to the activation server (

Ahhh yes of course. These damn servers are soo locked down.

Will this only happen on first activation and once the month ends? Let’s say I get it activated, and we loose internet access, will the server die if restarted?

If you are doing a month-to-month license, then yes, it needs to check the license once per month. If you have a year license, you can generate an offline key and it won’t check at all and will be valid for the whole year.

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