License is not functioning beyond a couple days

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.3
License End Date: Jun 10, 2022 12:00 AM


I have encountered a glitch with licensing. I had initially used a personal license for a POC. It went well; the business purchased a server license to continue the POC with two or three other products. Cloud Ops, we support 26 products; the number is increasing.

I apply the new business license, remove my personal license, and everything is accessible; triggers, schedules, etc… A couple of days pass, the license is still applied, viewable, but licensed functionality has gone away. Removing the license and reapplying does not help. If I add my personal license to the server, all functionality returns. I can then remove the personal license, and all functionality remains for a couple of days. Then rinse and repeat.


Now the issues shows itself every couple hours. I stand corrected, the trigger and rate limit report the license issue, i.e., Rate limits are only available for licensed instances.

For the business license, did you apply the standard license or the offline license?

Hello Adam,

I’ve asked for the email from which the license was obtained hoping to answer the standard or offline question. I received the license file from management, no details, just the file. I will follow up as soon as I have an answer.
Initially I used my personal (powershell-universal-subscription-individual) subscription, then replaced the license with the one provided by management. If I leave both license in place, things work as expected, but as soon as I remove the individual license, this is when PSU indicates a license is required.


Ok. Sounds good. I’ve heard reports of online (standard) licenses failing after some time so this may be way you are experiencing. I’m looking into that issue. In the mean time, you can always email and we can get you an offline key.

Thanks Adam, the offline key appears to have resolved the issue.
Fantastic product, Sir!