VSCode extension only has New-UDMuTypography, not New-UDTypography

I’m running the latest stable version of UD (1.4.5) and the extension (1.5.1). Intellisense, and the autocomplete in the powershell terminal, only show New-UDMuTypography, and don’t have New-UDTypography available. The Universal docs only mention New-UDTypography.

  • What’s the difference between the two?
  • Which should we use?
  • Is the extension’s behaviour a bug or intended?

Apart from that the extension is fantastic by the way, really great work. Looks and functions exactly how you’d expect.

Edit: it’s also missing some others. E.g. New-UDProgress

It sounds like you are importing the v2 module. That one contains New-UDMuTypography. Do you have UDv2 installed on the machine?

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Ah that was it, thanks!

  • closed VSCode
  • removed existing from an admin command prompt with uninstall-module UniversalDashboard -AllVersions
  • restarted the Powershell Universal service
  • opened vscode again