Auto suggesting in vscode?

When I wrote code in vscode I use to get suggestions on parameters for example get-Aduser -ide then it suggest identity.

But I don’t get it for PSU in vscode when I write it like new-udhtml -ma then I don’t get -markup.

Can I somehow activate it?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

I just tested and it autocompletes for me.

I tested on 2.6.2, (looks like you left the default version of 1.4.6 in your post) and
VSCode version 1.63.1

Hope this helps

Sorry I did forget to change the PSU version.
I’m using vscode and git but I can’t see what you see.
Did you do anything special to activate it?

I did not do anything other then install the extension and set the connection. Is it just the psu autocomplete that is not working or all autocomplete.
If just psu maybe remove and re-add the extension.
For fun can you try on a different computer with vs code?

Sorry can not be more help.

The other thing you can do is install the UniversalDashboard module to your PSModulePath. You can do this either by using Install-Module or adding the UniversalDashboard module directly to the env var. Then VSCode will provide suggestions.

VS Code attempts to download and install the module when it’s first loaded but if you remove the module later it won’t try again. That said, it occasionally attempts to update the module.