I am missing new-UDDashboard however i have New-PSUDashboard. is that the same? 
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

@shinds We need some more information. How did you install (MSI, ZIP, VSCode, PS directly, etc.)? And what version?


MSI V1.5.13
IN Visual Studio I installed the Extension 1.7.4

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.7.3 (installed the .MSI on a clean machine)

Reviving this because I am having the same problem.

When running through the tutorial for a new dashboard (pictured below), I am immediately stopped because I cannot Get-Help on New-UDDashBoard when using the most current module 2.7.3.


Help is available at where all of the cmdlets are listed. Specifically, the cmdlet is here.

@adam, can you kindly advise if we should install 2.5.4 side-by-side with 2.7.3?

The Universal module doesn’t include the Universal Dashboard cmdlets. You will also need to install the UniversalDashboard module.

Install-Module UniversalDashboard

PSU installs both modules when installed. In v2.8 (out next Tuesday), we’ll have IntelliSense in the admin console.

In v3, we’re merging a lot of these modules together to avoid a lot of the confusion between modules. v3 is slated for May this year.

Thanks Adam, this makes sense. In a scenario like mine, can you advise who should be clobbering whom? :smile:

To recap: I installed PSU by MSI first, then I installed Universal in CurrentUser scope of PowerShell 7.1.2. I’m now at the point to install UniversalDashboard module in the same way but am not sure if I should allow clobbering or perhaps use an alternative module prefix.

You can allow clobbering but this is also a bug. Can you open an issue for this? I don’t know why it’s complaining about that cmdlet.

Issue 919 raised. I did it like this to get the badge for first onebox :smile:

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