Error when installing UniversalDashboard

When i try to install the UniversalDashboard module i get the following error. It’s on the same server i have installed PS Universal and VS Code. I have checked and the module isn’t installed.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.14

Odd. What’s the output from Get-Module -List ?

Only have Universal installed. Could it be because of the PSU installation that also have the component?

Even more strange. It could be but Universal doesn’t update the PSModulePath so I’m not sure why that would be happening. Are things working now that you have it installed or is it busted?

Haven’t started working on any dashboards, so i’m not sure. I had to reinstall my old PSU which ran on a remote server where things stopped working. When i used VS Code to import the modules i got the same error.

I see that the to cmdlets are included in both Universal and UniversalDashboard modules, so that’s the reason for the error.