Installing everything from scratch again

Do I need to install anything else in terms of modules or software if I install Powershell Universal 1.5.13.MSI ? 

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

No. It includes the Universal and Universal Dashboard modules. You can install the modules to your user folder if you would like them via IntelliSense.

I don’t know Adam it really seems pretty confusing. I try creating a new dashboard using your examples and nothing works. I import the say Server-performance-dashboard.ps1 and get One or more errors occurred. Do you have an actual manual that I can read instead of trying to follow your youtube videos ?
Where exactly in the Universal Dashboard do you put the code? Dashboard? Scripts? If its Dashboards then why are all the examples either running start-PSUServer or Creating New-PSUDashboard?

If I run a script to create new dashboard in ISE I get error to add a computername if I add my computer that is running UniversalDashboard I then get 401 Unauthorized

I’m doing a live session in like 40 minutes if you want to see how to do this: Building web based IT-Tools with PowerShell Universal | Meetup

Dang I would of really liked too attend but I was running around at work. Can you include me in another one if you have it?


They are gonna post to YouTube. I’ll put the link up here when it’s available

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This video is now available here.Building web based IT-Tools with PowerShell Universal - YouTube