Various commands not recognized

I am trying to get a better understanding of the commands available in the UniversalDashboard module (version 2.7.0). I have had several instances where I find a solution in the documentation for my version (v2), but intellisense does not auto-fill the command and it is not recognized when run.

For example, I am currently trying to add a progress bar to my dashboard by using the New-UDProgress command but it is not being recognized.

Are there other modules that I need to install to enable additional commands that I seem to be missing?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.2

Are you using VS Code?
The Universal extension should try to load this module, but I ran into an issue where I had the UniversalDashboard module installed in my profile. I removed that, installed the Universal module and started having better luck
PowerShell Gallery | Universal 2.1.2

I’m working in an environment that does not have internet access. I’m working on setting up VS Code and importing the extensions and modules over.

So is module “UniversalDashboard” for the older version and module “Universal” for the newer version?

That’s right, Universal is the module you want

I’m working on standing up a separate VM with the new modules and version installed. We currently have the old version running and trying to run the new version in parallel is causing much confusion trying to figure out which commands are applicable to the new version.

A smoking gun I’ve come across is validating the modules are in their proper location as well as showing up in VS Code as noting here: Running script on click - #10 by mtndrew11