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Hello, we are in the process of purchasing a license of Enterprise. i am just waiting for the PO to go through. But i have installed the free version to experiment with. But i am struggling on which command library to follow. Most of the sample dashboards that i have downloaded and copied in dont start correctly and i have to tweak the code. But i am getting confused as to which commands are the current ones and which are old ones that i need to replace. Example: I downloaded an esxi dashboard off of a blog. i had to change some of the attributes on New-UDRow and New-UDColumn. But i got stuck on New-UDLayout. this command was not found in either 1.5.6 or 2.9.9. I also couldnt find it in either command repository on github. I am also struggling with New-UDCard.

I guess my question is which repository has the current command library and what documentation should i follow to get up to speed. The docs on the website seem to be split between the previous version and the new one.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.6

Hi @russ as far as I am aware the documentation for Powershell Universal is located here:-
Remember you can always use Get-Command -Module to inspect all the commands in a specific module. I am still yet to upgrade so sadly I cannot give you a dinifinitive answer.

Thank you. I am sure it is just confusion on my part. instead of just starting from scratch i have been using some example dashboards as a base. Most of them are from v2 and getting them working has been frustrating as they all require modification. i am now going through the videos Adam has put up and starting from scratch so that i can learn the commands and attributes piece by piece. it will just take time and i am being somewhat impatient.

we’ve been using PSU for 5 months or so and their is a steep and often confusing learning curve. The best advice is figure out what environment you want to build in. I would recommend VS code, once you have this then load up the PSU toolsets Visual Studio Code Extension - PowerShell Universal ( and then makre a couple of Hello world examples. Start small and then expand.
then just read through the docs, it’s much better than it was some time ago

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Good to know that i am not the only one. Yes, i have been using VS Code for some time. i have the PS Pro tools license, and just installed the Powershell Universal extension last week. I am starting to work through some basics. i wish there were more videos on some of the more involved objects. but i am making do. i am looking forward to getting the PU license. that appears to give some additional features that i think will help in my development process.


I’d love some specific suggestions for videos of concepts that you are struggling with. I can prioritize those. I’ve been starting to put together more complete videos like this:

I’ll continue to add them to that playlist.

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I would like to see some basic instruction on Layout (rows and columns), how layout applies to pages and cards. When to use Endpoint vs Content. How to load data into the cache for use later. How to preload data so that page rendering speeds up. Calling jobs and job pipelines. Treeview. Grid. Charts
I have been basically doing trial and error for all of these with some success and alot of failures.
When i download the examples from the repository and try to get them running i have a difficult time making them work. It would be helpful if the examples were commented with which framework they were supposed to run in (2.9 or 3.x.x). It appears that some of the command structure is somewhat different between the two frameworks. I have had to dig into the help for both 2.9 and 3.x.x to figure some things out.
Some Best Practice guidance would be helpful as well. Like when to predefine an endpoint into an object as opposed to embedding it in a command. Should i predefine pages in an object before calling New-UDDashboard. Is there a difference and, if so, why?
I know this may all sound basic but it is where i have struggled. i am an intermediate powershell user that is self taught. So i am probably asking about some practices that would be easy for an experienced powershell programmer. My POSH is day to day programming to accomplish specific work tasks. I am hoping to use Universal as a front end for my scripts to open up tasks for end users to get them out of active directory and control their inputs and access. I am using VS Code and the Universal extension.
Probably TMI. So if you TLDR this then i will understand. Thanks for the great powershell stuff you have done. You have been a great resource.

Hi @russ I know when I initially purchased UD I was like wanting to know everything about everything, and as for the layout of pages there is good youtube videos @adam has done you just might need to youtube search “powershell universaldashboard” I see today that @adam has added a whole bunch of goodies for PU here in this tweet:-

which should make the whole learning curve a lot easier. I do also have a blog here

Which is for UD as I am just still running that at the moment, but the same principles should apply to PU I do have a section on CONTENT VS ENDPOINT…Anyways if you didn’t see that tweet I hope that link helps, and maybe check out some of the custom components I developed on my blog which I give demos on how to use, and these should also work in PU

Thank you for letting me know. i will check out both the samples and your blogs. I just have to be patient and work through everything.

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