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I used version 2.9.0 for a while, and was making good progress with it. I just recently (yesterday) downloaded PowerShell Universal 1.3.0 as I saw the previous module was bugfix only. I have a couple of questions if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction:

First off, searching for help on this forum seems a bit of a jumble. Searching for “textbox checked value” for example, is as likely to get me a post from an old version as it is from the current release. Is there a “PowerShell Universal only” sub forum, or a way to weed out that which no longer applies, to make searching more easy?

Secondly, I am using docs.ironmansoftware,com for reference on the different Components, but it seems more than a little light in explanation in some areas. Is there a preferred method for making update suggestions, or is it just through GitHub?

An example of the documentation would be how to return the checked value of a checkbox. I have been trying to just bring up a toast message on submission of a form, indicating whether the box is checked or not, but have been unable to figure out the right syntax. I was looking at the documentation here:

but didn’t see any explanation of how to do this. I then found this page:

which has different information. But they both seem to have been updated about 2 months ago. So is the first link going to contain the most up to date documentation?

Hello @Hades3o13 I am pretty damn sure the is the documentation refering to Powershell Universal and the second link is for Universal Dashboard. So the first link contains the most latest and greatest information. However I know from previous forum post there was a bug with the checkbox, not sure which version this came in or got fixed in…I have used a single select instead, I know it’s not a fix but still using old UD version at the moment.

Thanks for the response. Are you meaning that you are solely using the old version, or mixing and matching? I am trying to convince my company to purchase, should I just demo the 2.9 stuff?

I am only using Universal Dashboard I purchased 2 licenses for this product and running 2.6 on one server and 2.8 on another server. I have not yet used Powershell Universal which I do want to get round to using, but happy I can present and do everything my end users need in the older version of UD I am running. If your dashboard does work under 2.9 then sure you could use that. Powershell Universal is the development from Universal Dashboard so does include new features that will never exist in UD, like the theme light/dark switch and other things. So if you want the latest and greatest it is Powershell Universal.

UD 2.9:

Universal/ UD V3:
(also contains info about migrating V2 dashboards to be universal compatible - on 2.9.1)

Then theres also which used to showcase the ud 2.9 components but now i think it’s been updated to v3

There are two ways you’ll want to interact with you checkbox, either with the -onchange parameter to run a script block when it’s ticked or unticked, in which you can use $eventdata to get the boolean value.
Or, you can use get-udelement which I beleive is still a thing in all versions of UD.
If you pass it the ID of your checkbox you’ll get back all the properties, I’m not sure if its just a ‘checked’ property directly on the object or if its under the attributes property but you should be able to find it there somewhere :slight_smile:

Hope that helps, let me know if not!

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