User Interfaces - Apps or Pages - Designer?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.1
**Paid subscription**

The documentation is talking about a “designer” to create pages or apps, but I can’t find any option to actually enable/start that designer. As this doesn’t seem to be an issue for anybody else I sort of question my ability to read/see… help?
Reference about the designer : Apps - PowerShell Universal

My “User Interfaces” options:

Wanted to add more screenshots of “create new App/Page”, but the forum rules don’t a.low :frowning:

What am I missing? So sorry if it’s blatantly obvious… :frowning:

When I create a new page within an app via the GUI, the designer starts automatically. So exactly as it is written in the documentation:

Once created, you will be taken to the designer for the page.

  1. Create new page within the app

  1. After confirming with ‘Ok’ the designer loads
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@timo Thank You so much! I never checked the menu on the right side! jeesh… all good now!

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