Should I be able to edit app pages after creation?

I’ve just installed PowerShell Universal 4.1.6. I’m new to PU. I’ve created an App with two pages with Use Designer selected and one with it unselected. I don’t appear to be able to edit them after creation. Should I be able to?

The attached screenshot shows that there is a delete button on the left of each row. You can see that when I hover over a blank spot in the third row it says Code. For the other two rows it says Designer. Clicking here achieves nothing. How do I edit the pages?

I’ve tried this in Safari, Edge and Firefox. I’ve tried it in Firefox in Private mode where I checked that none of my browser extensions were running.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.6

From the code tab, click on the page in the list on the right side.

We should get an edit button on the page tab. That was added recently to facility deletes.

Thanks. It is a bit confusing in its current configuration.