Trying out new apps

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.1

Is the latest version of PSU released or still Beta?

I am seeing strange issues with Apps:

  • Not able to get previous pages to work post upgrade as we get a blank page. Was using 3.8.12

  • Not able to create new pages as they too are blank (editor is disabled so I guess this is by design)

  • Installed locally to test further and app went blank once requiring a PSU restart after attempting to use designer to add a button

  • In designer, Code view not working (just shows 1 with blank line and black lower window). Not implemented?

  • Deleting an app and recreating with same name/URL shows duplication of pages including any previous designer pages.

Other issue

  • All the Database vault secret variables broke and had to be re-entered.

Restarting PSU service resolves some duplicate issues, but still seeing any designer page the was previously created.

Testing with: Windows 10
Installed PSU via: Install-PSUServer

Let me run through this list (including Error with icon editing in new designer mode) and let you know if we will need more info to get any of this resolved.