First Testing of PSU 5.0.0 beta 1

The following issues has been noticed when trying PSU 5.0.0 beta 1.

1- no plugin found message when trying to use postgresql.
2-cannot create an app with “/” as URL, blank page when trying to view app.
3-existing demo app cannot be deleted
4-login page text and title wont change after appling changes to branding
its still showing powershell universal and the default text on the login page (powershell universal allows you to …)

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1 - Unable to create a PSCredential secret variable. The UI crashes - possibly an issue with the port to Blazor.
2 - Tags missing from Apps (I use these as Parent headings when building navigation menu)

Automation >Scripts
folder view of scripts has disappeared , not possible to create any folders or put scripts into a folder
jobs tab shows all jobs , not just the jobs for the script you are looking at , so filtering not working there
while a job is running there is no “stop” icon (white circle in dark mode)

after you commit , you have to go to settings>git>syncronise now to see the commit on the repo, clicking elsewhere often results in a gui error