PSU Version 1.6 beta 2 feedback using IIS

This is my finding issues so far for PSU 1.6 beta 2

1- Since am using IIS my upgrade process is to delete all hosted pkg files and replace it with new version. doing so for 1.6 beta2 cause an error and no longer were able to launch the page so i had to do a fresh install by deleting powershell universal and automation folders form programdata.

2- loginpage no longer works with logo and other info, its like it does not exist so PSU will launch with default so you cannot custom the login page.

3- admin user in identities page cannot be removed (No delete button next to it )

more to come…

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.6.0
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I had the same issue with upgrade process (IIS)

There are some new properties within the appsettings.json so they needed copying into my existing appsettings and I also needed to upgrade the db to LiteDB V5.

My dashboards starts but all my pages are empty and the only component that I can see is the fixed navigation list.

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Thanks for checking out 1.6! I’ll open some issues for what you’ve found and start working through them.

Hi all

Just wanted to let you know that I’m encountering the same issue however without IIS.
Just normal PSU Installation:

  • removed 1.5.15
  • installed 1.6.0 nightly build (MSI)

=> navigation list is there but all PSU Pages are empty.
=> LoginPage Customizations are gone (or maybe just ignored)

What’s exactly needed to fix at least the main issue with the empty pages manually, until adam fixes it in the code?


Can you let me know if you have any errors in your dashboard log for the empty pages?

Dear Adam

Unfortunately I had to rollback to 1.5.15 to continue work. However I can confirm that the dashboard log was the first thing I checked and indeed it didn’t show any errors.

Does this help? In case let me know and I will see if I can find some time eventually tonight to reinstall 1.6.


Thanks. Yeah I was just curious if there was something obvious.

@DonUD - Do you use UDStyle in your dashboard?

Hey @adam
Yes but not in the New-UDPage section…

I’m happy to help if you need more information.

I’ve realized that if you have an authenticated dashboard, this will happen. I’ve reproduced this issue and fixed it.

Dear adam
Thanks a lot for your debugging and sorry if I didn’t respond immediately.
This week I had to proceed on our project developing the various functions and therefore it was not possible to test. But I will do it in the next few days, maybe already tomorrow.
Keeping you posted!

Best regards,