Hosting in IIS (PSU version 1.5.3) - problem with Windows Auth etc

Hello. I have a few questions regarding PSU (version 1.5.3) and UD. Enterprise license is installed.

  1. I installed PSU and UD according to the docs about hosting in IIS (I copied the files to my dashboard folder and referred to that folder in the app pool config, and so on). I then created the first test dashboard via the PSU admin UI. But after it’s been created, I cannot find the dashboard.ps1 file (or any of the other ps1 files referred to in the docs) anywhere in the file system. I don’t want to write the real dashboard in the admin UI. EDIT: SCRATCH THAT, FOUND IT IN THIS FOLDER C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository

  2. I have enabled Windows Auth in IIS console, web.config and in appsettings.json but I still see forms authentication when going to /login. And using admin and random password will let anyone in. How can I either A) remove the UD login page completely, or B) change the admin password. End goal is to have SSO and use roles/policies to allow/deny access to different dashboards. And I want to restrict access to /admin page by AD group membership.