PSU 2.5.0 Unauthorised Access Page

I was on 2.4.1 and just upgraded to 2.5.0.
Im hosted in IIS, and use the Zip.
I took the contents of my wwwroot folder and moved it into a _backup folder. Then unzipped the new 2.5.0, and finally copied back in my appsettings.json and web.config after.

When ran my site again, I’m now getting ‘Unauthorized Access, You are not authorized to view this page.’
Although nothing with the roles has changed. They are in a custom path which is pointed in my appsettings:

"Data": {
    "RepositoryPath": "D:\\PowershellUniversal\\Repository",

I dont have many roles, and also just set them all to evaluate to true anyway just to be on the safe side, but thats also not worked. It’s like my roles.ps1 isnt being read. Anyone else have this issue after upgrading?

I’ve got a button to login, but when I click that, it does nothing - currently have no way to access universal or my dashboards, not sure what I’ve done wrong.

Likely related to: PSU 2.5.0 hosted in IIS error - #8 by zalcorshark

There’s something up with IIS hosting in general but authentication may be causing it even if you aren’t using it.

Okay, thanks. Can I just copy my backup to roll back? will that cause any problems?

It won’t cause any problems. You can roll back.

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Just to confirm, all good now after restoring the original files on 2.4.1 :+1:

There is something changed in PSU 2.5.0 that is trying to enforce windows authentication to be installed and enabled in IIS based on the logs error message.
The problem is you will end up with windows authentication pop-up box over and over again and ill will prevent the users who has forms auth from logging in since they don’t have a domain account.