Issue after saving a page in the app designer

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.3.0

First, let me start with the obligatory “I am new to Powershell Universal”. I am just getting started trying to understand the various ways to configure and setup an application, whether it be through code, or through the designer.
So far, I have created an application which has 4 pages, 3 of which are code based (and that I took from one of the sessions available), and 1 which I figured I would use the designer.

In the designer, I added a button and a table with the intent of filling the table with data when I click the button, easy enough. I clicked “Save” on the designer page and loaded the application. Sure enough, there was my button and where the table would be once configured correctly.
However, here is where the issue comes up. I go back into my application, click on the page to open it back up and keep going and it is blank (no button, no table, no nothing).
I can open the configuration and see that the generated code is there, however I can’t get back to editing the page.
Is there an easy way to reload the designer where it shows the items already created, without just starting over. I have tested this in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox with the same results. Any tips, or tricks, or guidance would be appreciated.

[EDIT] I just noticed that when I am on the Designer page and I click save, the page returns blank.


Signed up to say I’m getting the same thing. Not sure if its a bug or user error but it is a strange one.

I’ve got the same issue. The designer screen is blank and when clicking to view the code while in designer mode, the code view is also empty. If I switch the page to use code instead of designer, the code is there. The page works while outside of the designer. Same behavior with 4.3.2 and 4.3.3.

I opened a ticket in Github for this : Designer does not reflect changes to a page after clicking the save button · Issue #3454 · ironmansoftware/powershell-universal · GitHub