Universal showing in title

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.7

Not really sure why this is happening but our header in multiple PSU instances are showing “universal”


we have the settings.ps1 with the following

AdminConsoleTitle = "Group - $Env:Computername"

Any ideas?

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I think this is actually because it’s failing to load the icon and that’s the fallback text. Did you set the icon at all?


Have not. This is our settings.

Sorry. I meant Logo not Icon. Does that URL ok?

Yes the url works.


Still seeing this issue on 3.7.10


Please disregard if this is unrelated, however I’m currently running 3.7.10, and yesterday I changed my new uddashbard from -content to -pages.

As I stared to declare my pages, I noticed my page the page name was at the top left too (I am in the middle of converting a site from UD 2 to PSU 3 and learning PSU at the same time). I finished yesterday, still trying to work out how to remove that text.

2023-02-08 09_36_57-IA-Cloud

Please disregard the above.

My UD code was:

New-UDPage -Name "EULA" -Title "" -HideNavigation -Content {

This was changed to put a space in the Title content and the text disappeared

New-UDPage -Name "EULA" -Title " " -HideNavigation -Content {

Can you press F12 in your browser and then reload the page? I’m curious if you are seeing any 404s on the network tab.

You are correct. I cant believe i didnt think of this. Sorry @adam lol

@adam any way to reference the logo locally?

You need to put it in a published folder to host it and then use that URL. If you publish at /assets/ then the URL for the image would be /assets/logo.png.

Thanks dude. Never used published folders. Guess i have a reason now lol

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