Issue with Pages

The Home page will not load like this, the last logon does work. i think its something with how i’m calling the page in -Content. i’m doing it this way so i can edit the icon and header stuff.

$UDScriptRoot = $PSScriptRoot
$Pages = @()
$Pages += New-UDPage -Name ‘Home’ -Url ‘/home’ -Icon home -Content {
. “$UDScriptRoot\Pages\home.ps1”
} -HeaderColor ‘white’

$Pages += Get-UDPage -Name ‘LastLogin’

If i got the repository and find the ps1. file and remove the new-UDPpage line and just have the two images it loads.
home.ps1 (unsaved)
New-UDPage -Url “/Home” -Name “Home” -Content {

New-UDImage -Url ‘/ImageAssets/CWLogo.png’

New-UDImage -Path d:\Data\ImageAssets\CWLogo.png