Title not updating

Hi there,

I have a small problem with my dashboard.
Even though I’m specifying the title, when I define the dashboard:

New-UDDashboard -Title “EXAMPLE TITLE” -Content {CONTENT}

I’m still getting “PowerShell Universal Dashboard” as the window title.
Am I doing something wrong, or is there some kind of bug?
I’m sorry, I didn’t find a relevant post about that.

I’m using UD version 2.9.0 Community.

I’ve been trying to figure that out as well. I’ve been able to change it by setting a title for a page. So new-udpage -Title “New Page Name”, force refresh. But haven’t been able to have a default name.

Hello @ThatWhiteMonster welcome to UniversalDashboard forums! I have a complete SQL IIS hosted dashboard located here:-

If you look through it you should see how I am setting the initial page title

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title "FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" -Pages @(
) -NavBarLogo (New-UDImage -Url "https://img.icons8.com/color/2x/android-tablet.png") -NavbarLinks $NavBarLinks -Theme $theme -Footer $Footer -NavBarColor "#4392f1" -NavBarFontColor "#000000" -EndpointInitialization $Init -LoginPage $LoginPage

Then look at how each page is loaded:-

New-UDPage -Name "Vehicle Statistics" -Icon chart_line -Content {...

I also hope this helps you out @RamonMA


Let me know!

Thanks for the tip, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.
If I declare the whole thing as a Page, the only thing that changes is the address - instead of /home, I get /PageName.
The window title still says “PowerShell Universal Dashboard”, despite me declaring a different name for the page and dashboard title.

Ok @ThatWhiteMonster I see you did post what version you are using…I am not using 2.9.0 and not using community either…So I guess this is a question the mighty @adam could chip-in on and confirm if this is a bug, or another good reason for you to upgrade to an Enterprise license as the product is cheap-as-chips for what it is…I build custom components on my personal laptop which is running community 2.8.1 and I know I can set titles in that…so would it be too much to ask if you download that copy then import it using the -RequiredVersion 2.8.1 then if it does work, you know you can file a bug on github for 2.9.0 community.

I’ve tried on the version 2.8.1, but the result was the same. Thank you anyway, @psDevUK .

Hmmm looks like a bug. You should be able to work around this by using UDHelmet to define the title manuallly.


Thank you, @adam! That did the trick.
It still briefly shows the old title, when the dashboard is loading, but switches after a second.
I’m fine with that. Thank you once again.

As another potential workaround (although this is within the module so will effect all sites). You can also make the change within the client\index.html file - it’s how i’m currently doing it as I still had a few issues with the udhelmet method updating for all my pages.