Tab titles for login pages

Is it possible to edit these? I’m running version 2.0.1 on IIS 10 and with an Enterprise license.

Are you talking about the buttons for the different login types?

Sorry, I haven’t done any HTML in 14 years. I’m talking about the name that appears on a tab in a web browser. This is also the title that displays when you bookmark a page. Right now it says Powershell Universal Dashboard. I’m just starting to learn this module, but I noticed that if you changed the ‘title’ parameter on new-udddashboard, it changes the tab title too. this doesn’t appear to work for login pages though. Oddly enough, when I tried to add -Title to new-uddashboard, it bypassed the login page and went straight to the next page.

I’m building off of the login page script you posted here:

This isn’t a huge deal, but my goal is to sell this product to my company as a reporting tool and much more. I’m targeting sales first because they rule our decision making processes, and they like seeing their name everywhere possible.

Ah. Ok. Never noticed that before but this could be improved. I’ve entered an issue for that here:

It should be relatively easy to implement.

Awesome thanks! The great thing about sales people is you just tell it’s on the way and they’re happy.