Universal - Licences & Authentication

I’ve been using 2.9 for some time now, have 2 dashboards running (different servers) that are production instances, but thought it was time I took the step to pop up a development environment (backwards I know :wink: )
I’ve got a few queries on my experience so far:

I’ve got 3 licences for UD, although only 2 keys/lic files. it seems one of my licences is for two dashboards. Maybe this is the fault on the requester but I’ve had to hand off to someone else in the business and didn’t get sight of the purchase. Do I need 3 separate licence keys for three separate servers? if I do can this one be split out? - or am I okay to use as is?

Also I applied a licence in universal and tried to enable authentication on my dashboard but it told me it was in trial mode. Do I need to apply this at the dashboard level instead? whats the difference between UD licences and Universal licences or is it supposed to hand it through?


Is windows pass through authentication limited only dashboards hosted in IIS or can this also be achieved when running as a service?

EDIT: Yes it is! - Sorry answered my own question on this one. I’ll likley go back to using IIS for hosting universal.

A last comment is that I installed universal via the msi and noticed the frameworks listed are either ud2.9 or ud3.0beta4
The msi didnt install the modules into my module path so they are not auto loaded when running in powershell and I cannot see beta4 in the gallery, only beta2. Do i just need to locate the nessesary folder from the install and copy it into my modules folder?

Just to go over my steps, this is a clean server with universal installed, nothing else - I havent manually added any UD modules yet.
I originally added a test dashboard as universal allows me to and showed the above mentioned frameworks (Thinking this was part of the install).
I’ve since restarted the service, and logged back in, deleted that dashboard.
When coming to add another, there is no frameworks listed, powershell version also says 1.
Turns out i had to log out & back in again before this was showing correctly again.

Figured out what was going on. I added the dashboard first and added my licence after - then i was getting ‘trial mode’ when trying to enable authentication. Even after restarting the service.
It wasnt until i deleted the dashboard, added the licence first, then added the dashboard, before it allowed me to enable authentication.

Sounds like a bug. I’ll take a look!

Re Modules:

We are going to publish those modules to the Gallery with the 1.2 release. That was a mistake on my part. I should have done that for 1.1.1. You can set the PSModule path to the C:\ProgramData\PowerShellUniversa\Dashbboard\Frameworks folder for now if you want to load up the modules. You will also need to load the Universal module in C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerShellUniversal. I think for the MSI, I should also add these paths to the PSModule path so that it works straight away.

Thanks for the feedback. Going to put it in our back log to make sure this keeps getting better and better.

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Perfect, thanks.
No prob, just glad I can help. Keep up the hard work :+1: