Adding the License

Hi everyone,
I purchased UD license today.
could you please point me where, when and how to implement the license?
Also I have two computers desktop and laptop, does it apply to multiple computer under one seat?

Thank you all.


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Hi John,

You should have gotten an email with a license file in it. Just copy the whole thing in its entirety, open up Posh, type Set-UDLicense, paste, and enter

That worked :slight_smile:
Thank you

also, and just fyi if you name it license.lic and put it in the net47X folder of your universaldashboard module folder, it does the same thing. You’d do it that way for say Azure or IIS implementations.


Also to answer your second question, I’ve moved my license from a laptop to a desktop and then finally to an app server.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that as long as it’s only running on one machine simultaneously it’s fine

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Sweet thanks! I was just about to post this question as I’m having issues

When I asked @adamdriscoll via email in regards to this he clarified at the time that the license was per physical / virtual server, so that’s what we’ve based things on.

So do you need two licenses if you are developing on laptop and a separate license for production?

Hey @bfoster68 a big warm welcome to the UD forums.
You would need two licenses for this…however you could run your development machine un-licensed but I believe the dashboard only works for 1 hour, and you have big watermark text…but if you just needed to test functionality this should be suffice.
But I mean for $100 this software is very, very well priced for all the things you can do with it.
I personally have two machines licensed for this exact same issue.