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I’m not 100% on the pricing model for PU and using UD and UA

For example…

I’d like to setup webserver A (IIS) and just run a single UD on there. Would I install PU and pay for a single UD licence that gives me the ability to use authentication so that I can show/hide different menu items in the UD per user - $100

Then I’d like to setup another webserver B (IIS) and utilise UA and multiple UDs. I’m guessing I install PU and pay for a single UA licence but don’t need a UD licence as authentication to the UDs isn’t required for webserver B - $250

Is this correct?

Yep. That’s correct. A will need a license for the auth on UD. If you aren’t using auth for UD on B, you don’t need to buy a license but you will for UA if you wanna run unlimited jobs.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Will you be changing the ability to run multiple unlicensed UDs to just 1 (as per “You can run up to one dashboard without a license without authentication or authorization.”) … or is that line redundant now with PU?

That should be removed from wherever it says that. You can run multiple unlicensed UDs on a PU server.

EDIT: Fixed that on the pricing page.

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bottom of this page:

ah! I see you’ve fixed it. Awesome. Thanks for the clarification @adam I’ll put through a purchase order at work

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Just went to purchase today - and noticed the pricing has changed. Just confirming that? Dashboard from $100 to $250 and whole package now $500.

We’ve adjusted the licensing model so that it’s now unlimited dashboards rather than per dashboard pricing by default. Every other component was per server (APIs\Automation). We are still offering the per dashboard pricing here if you plan to just run a single dashboard:

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Ah ok, great! I think I can use this model to create ‘production’ and ‘test&dev’ dashboards on the one server.