Understanding the License model

Hi everybody, I need some help understanding the license model for UDDashboard. A single licence is about 99$ per year/per server/per dashboard. So let me try to explain how I’ll understand this: If I have only one customer with only one server using UDDashboard with only one Dashboard for our product, I will pay 99$ per year?

Hey Tom,

You are correct that the enterprise license costs $100 per license/server per year, however the question revolves around how many dashboards your customer wants to populate through either IIS or the other 2 methods that this module offers. Ultimately, I will leave this question to the boss who created this module, Adam. Typically in an enterprise setting, depending on the usage for the dashboards, you will set up this on a cluster for contingency purposes but that opens a new question for me as I’m a corporate employee who has found ways to beat “the licensing model.”

@Adam: Not to open a bag of worms, but if I were to set this license up say in VMware on a host, could i essentially release the guests out with the license being used from the top? I only bring this up because the first version of a software that rhymes with “Mapien Mowershell Mudio” (Can’t say the name due to legality of the product) set up their first version with that little problem. I just want to see you get the money you well deserve for such an seamless product. Anyhow, when does the IPO go live? I want to invest in something that I know will be huge in the near future.


Brandon Stevens

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99$ per Server (that is hosting UD)
unlimited dashboards on that server
unlimited users connected to those dashbaords

the 99$ are for a year of updates, after that you get no updates, but the UD server will run without any limitations.

thats whats i know, adam can correct me :slight_smile:

Yep. This is correct. The current model is $99 per server hosting UD.

The problem with this licensing model is that a server is kind of hard to define these days (especially when you throw containers\function apps into the mix). I am looking to moving to a per dashboard licensing model. The license would be cheaper than the per server license and would be a lot more flexible. It would be easier to define exactly what is being licensed a lot easier. That said, users that bought a per server license would continue to be able to use their license just as they would previously: unlimited dashboards per server.

Expect this to roll out later this month.

The other question I get a lot around licensing is the ability to license a product that includes UD. I’m working out the pricing and terms of that type of license so if that’s of interest, please message me directly.

This is now live; https://ironmansoftware.com/universal-dashboard-simplified-licensing-and-support/

The licensing has switch from the mysterious “server” to per dashboard.


In what way is a $99 per dashboard license cheaper and/or more flexible than a $99 per server license?

And easier to define? If I understand the new model correctly, if I have a single “instance” of Universal Dashboard using a single dashboard.ps1 file that defines 200 pages, it costs $99. But if I have only 5 pages on a single IIS server but I need them to run as different service accounts or to be isolated from each other for some other technical or security reason, so I set the up in separate folders and dashboard.ps1 files, hooked up to separate “sites” and running in separate app pools, all on the same instance of IIS on the same server, it costs $495?

Tim Curwick