Pricing and basic questions

Hello everyone!
I am a student working for a company and we have a project we want te realize.
Questions he wanted answered: what does per server mean? How many dashboards can we make? what are the limitations? Can we restart vm’s? Can we restart our servers? Can we have multiple azureADs?
My apologies if my english is bad or these questions are stupid or they have been answered before.
kind regards

A server is a single running instance of PowerShell Universal. You can run as many dashboards on that server as you like. You can use it for free with these limitations:

You can restart VMs and servers with scripts in PowerShell Universal. You can do pretty much anything that PowerShell can do. If you want to use multiple Azure AD domains for authentication, you will need multiple PowerShell Universal servers. If you just want to manage multiple Azure AD domains with scripts in PowerShell Universal, you could do that in a single instance.

Hope that answers your questions!