License issue - UA not licensed

I’m trying to upgrade from Universal Dashboard and Universal Automation to Powershell Universal.
This has quite some impact, due to the switch to powershell 7 and also dashboard-controls that have been changed over the past months. So, to be on the safe side, I’m installing PU on a new server. The old VM will be decommissioned in a week or 2, when I’m sure our 2 dashboards and UA are working properly.

I have three licenses;
1x Universal Automation
2x Universal Dashboard

(Order #24952 was placed on April 9, 2020, purchased back when UD was licensed per dashboard and API was still included in UD).

When I apply this license, it shows me that UD and API are licensed, but UA is not.
Is this a version issue, or is this because the other server is still operational?

Could you help me with a license that enables all three features on the new server?

Have you added the UA license too? It will be a separate file from the dashboard licenses.

Thanks for your quick reply Adam.
No, I have applied just one license; the one that is under my account on

Where can I find that second license?

Adam sent me a working license via e-mail.