TuiDesigner - unable to drag elements

Can’t design anything in the tui designer. I’ve noticed this behavior on multiple machines over the last few months, had hoped it was a configuration issue. I’ve spent some time today and yesterday trying to make it work and have not had luck.
I’m running it in pwsh 7.2.6, as well as powershell 5.1

without editing anything, i save the layout, and i get the below… note the “$” variables, seems like
should be $somevariablename

# This file was generated at 10/26/2022 3:58:52 PM

# Manually editing this file may result in issues with the designer

$Window = [Terminal.Gui.FrameView]::new()

$Window.Id = 'Window'

$Window.Title = 'Window'

$Window.X = 0

$Window.Y = 0

$Window.Width = [Terminal.Gui.Dim]::Fill()

$Window.Height = [Terminal.Gui.Dim]::Fill()

$ = [Terminal.Gui.Button]::new()

$.Text = ''

$.IsDefault = $False

$.HotKey = 'Null'

$.AutoSize = $False

$.Shortcut = 'Null'

$.TabIndex = 0

$.TabStop = $True

$.CanFocus = $True

$.Id = ''

$.WantMousePositionReports = $False

$.WantContinuousButtonPressed = $False

$.LayoutStyle = 'Computed'

$.X = [Terminal.Gui.Pos]::At(0)

$.Y = [Terminal.Gui.Pos]::At(0)

$.Width = [Terminal.Gui.Dim]::Sized(4)

$.Height = [Terminal.Gui.Dim]::Sized(1)

$.TextAlignment = 'Centered'

$.VerticalTextAlignment = 'Top'

$.TextDirection = 'LeftRight_TopBottom'

$.IsInitialized = $True

$.Enabled = $True

$.Visible = $False



I’ve opened an issue for this to see if we can reproduce and track down what’s happened.

@CaelFrost and @adam, issue 1654 was raised on the tracker for this at Show-TUIDesigner should initialize the [Terminal.Gui.Application] · Issue #1654 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub. The workaround is to initialize the class before launching Show-TuiDesigner