Issue with edits in WFP designer in PSScriptPad

Hi, I’m experiencing an issue with the PSScriptPad software using the WPF Designer. First of all I can’t seem to move any elements around using my mouse. It has to be done using the properties tab. Secondly, whenever I make a change to an element using the properties tab, I need to reselect the element I wish to edit after every change I make. So if I select a button and attempt to change it’s height and width, I need to click that button every time I make a change.

Am I doing something wrong or have I, perhaps, completely misunderstood what the intended use of the WPF designer?

I’ve uploaded a quick 1 minute video on YT to show what I mean:

I’m using VSCode and Powershells Pro Tools. I’ve tried to run PSScriptPad with Powershell 5 (x64 and x86) and Powershell 7 with no noticable difference. Also, I’m just trying to edit a .xaml file and don’t think it would be using powershell at this point.

I realise it’s possible I’ve misunderstood what the intended use of the WPF designer is and that it’s really just an editor where I can see my updates in real time, but I’m hoping that’s wrong and that I infact can use it to create a simple GUI using drag-drop.

I’m hoping someone can enlighten me, I would be very greatful.
Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screencast. That’s super helpful. Let me take a look. It certainly seems like focus related but that I should be able to resolve.

I’ve found that if you add the element to the Window directly, you can drag and drop. But, if you add the element into a Grid that’s a child of the Window, you can drag and drop.

As for the issue with the properties, I can reproduce that. Super annoying! I’ll get it fixed.

I figured it out. We were reloading the XAML designer when any change was made (even within the XAML designer) which was causing this issue. I’ll get a new PSScriptPad version released to address this.

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I’ve updated to the latest version and it now works brilliantly! Thank you so much for a quick reply and fix :smiley:

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