Major Flaws in PSScriptPad 2021.11.0

Tool: PSScriptPad
Version: 2021.11.0

Hi all.

I purchased PowerShell Pro Tools and I find it very useful for setting up Winforms. Unfortunately there are a slew of errors and bugs that I’m encountering. Here is a list:

  1. The first issue is that despite setting the PowerShell version in the top menu to PowerShell 7 (x64), the integrated terminal still continues to stay at WindowsPowerShell 5.1. Here is an image demonstrating what I mean:

  2. When I click on Run Selection (The green arrow dropdown), the whole form designer just errors, exits, and nothing happens. Today I lost a pretty complex form layout because I selected this option and the application crashed.

  3. When you open ‘Options’ from the menu bar, the dialog spawns behind the other main UI elements and it becomes impossible to change settings. Take a look at this screenshot for an example:

Despite all of these pretty major flaws, it’s a lot better than writing Winforms by hand, so I’m going to continue using PSScriptPad, but I beg you guys to update the application to eliminate these fairly major bugs / errors.

Thanks so much and sorry if I’m being overly-critical. I really want to like this program.


  1. Can you please check the log? I can’t reproduce this one. The log should be generated in %LocalAppData%\PSScriptPad\logs

  2. I can’t reproduce this but I could see how this could happen in certain circumstances. I’ve added some error handling and additional logging here. There was also a race condition that could cause this to hang that has been resolve and will be in 2021.12.0

  3. We’ve changed the options dialog from a embedded user control into a stand alone window to mitigate this. The problem was that the Windows Forms controls (Form designer and properties) are always on top and there isn’t a good way to hide them below other WPF controls. So we just changed it by making the options it’s own window.

Sorry for all the issues but always happy to help get them resolved.

I’ve got a log for you, but it doesn’t really say much:

2021-12-04 11:44:33.484 -06:00 [INF] Architecture: x86
2021-12-04 11:44:33.511 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 5.1.19041.1320
2021-12-04 11:44:33.668 -06:00 [INF] PSScriptPad Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 11:44:33.668 -06:00 [INF] Latest Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 11:44:34.135 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 7.2.0
2021-12-04 23:31:02.907 -06:00 [INF] Architecture: x86
2021-12-04 23:31:02.923 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 5.1.19041.1320
2021-12-04 23:31:03.137 -06:00 [INF] PSScriptPad Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:31:03.137 -06:00 [INF] Latest Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:31:03.554 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 7.2.0
2021-12-04 23:38:13.099 -06:00 [INF] Architecture: x86
2021-12-04 23:38:13.115 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 5.1.19041.1320
2021-12-04 23:38:13.262 -06:00 [INF] PSScriptPad Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:38:13.262 -06:00 [INF] Latest Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:38:13.716 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 7.2.0
2021-12-04 23:40:22.885 -06:00 [INF] Architecture: x86
2021-12-04 23:40:22.904 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 5.1.19041.1320
2021-12-04 23:40:23.085 -06:00 [INF] PSScriptPad Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:40:23.085 -06:00 [INF] Latest Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:40:23.531 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 7.2.0
2021-12-04 23:46:25.580 -06:00 [INF] Architecture: x86
2021-12-04 23:46:25.595 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 5.1.19041.1320
2021-12-04 23:46:25.921 -06:00 [INF] PSScriptPad Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:46:25.921 -06:00 [INF] Latest Version: 2021.11.0
2021-12-04 23:46:26.195 -06:00 [INF] PowerShell Version: 7.2.0

Glad to hear that there are fixes and changes coming down the pipeline. I’d love to get Pwsh7 running in PSScriptPad as well if there is any way you guys can figure that one out. One oddity in the log is that it’s saying I’m running x86 … I am pretty sure I’m on x64