Trouble Hosting PSU on IIS - web.config error?

I followed this video for setting up Universal on IIS. When I browse to the page, I get an HTTP 500.19 error (0x8007000D) which strongly suggest a web.config error. I modified the web.config’s single argument to point to “C:\Universal\Universal.Server.dll”. (correct location)

I didn’t see in the video or online docs any mention or reference the ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle, with the exception of the UD page for IIS. Is this component also required for PSU, even if you don’t intend to use UD right away?

I feel like I am missing something so obvious (wouldn’t be the first time), and if so, my apologies.

I didnt follow the video, but all the information I needed to host in IIS was located here:

If you havent already, please make sure you go through this step by step and then advise if you still have issues :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have no idea why nothing led me to this page? :thinking: