HTTP Error 500.19 when trying to host in iis

Hi Everyone !
I’am trying to host my dashboard in iis, got the websocket feature installed with the .net core and hosting bundle.
I’ve followed the steps in the guide here but i get the following error:

Could someone help me out where to start with the troubleshooting? :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Can you share the Dashboard.ps1 content?

Sure thing,
I am trying to first use the following:
Start-UDDashboard -Wait -Dashboard (
New-UDDashboard -Title “Hello, IIS” -Content {
New-UDCard -Title “Hello, IIS”

Hey @RandomGuy23 without sounding damn right facetious you are not importing the module in your script…you need to import the module then the rest of your script then it should work :smile:

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:open_mouth:Thanks for the help! Soo even though my server has it installed, i need to import it again?

Works fine without “Import-module” in iis for me.

The entire module needs to be copied to the website folder


my current setup is like this:
This should include every required thing right? Or am i wrong?

Looks about right. hmm

It couldn’t hurt to try adding Import-module.

Oh yeah, did you install all of the .net core hosting stuff?

Thanks for the help!
I’ve modified the dashboard.ps1 to
Install-Module UniversalDashboard -Scope AllUsers -Force

Start-UDDashboard -Wait -Dashboard (
New-UDDashboard -Title “Hello, IIS” -Content {
New-UDCard -Title “Hello, IIS”
but still the same.
And yes, i have the .net core ruintime and server hosting stuff installed

How to suck eggs, but…
Have you installed .NET runtime? 4.8 being the latest.

Don’t give up! Ok so in my environment I had to configure the app pool with authentication then had to run 2 firewall rules to allow traffic on the port I was using for my dashboard. Happy to send further steps when I’m back at my computer

I saw earlier that Adam added an issue to take a look at setting up UD in IIS. Specifically because it’s hard to troubleshoot.

Better :+1: it :slight_smile:

your issue is related to web.config file try to modify the following line from


also there is no need to use import-module in your dashboard.ps1 script , UD will work just fine when all related folders and files are in place.