Testing PSU v2.4.0 nightly issues


it seems that tabs is broken in latest nightly 2.4.0


New-UDPage -Name "Data" -Content { 
  New-UDTabs -Tabs {
    New-UDTab -Text 'Item One' -Content { Get-Date } -Dynamic
    New-UDTab -Text 'Item Two' -Content { Get-Date } -Dynamic
    New-UDTab -Text 'Item Three' -Content { Get-Date } -Dynamic
} -RenderOnActive


Thanks. This will be fixed in tonight’s build.

Tonight’s build still have the same issue also i have noticed when i logged in to the admin console that that dashboard was in stopped status and i had to start it even though auto start was already enabled and I have tested this release on multiple machines and same results the dashboard is not started by default as what you should expect from auto start feature.

Sorry. The className issue didn’t make it into last night’s build. As for the dashboard issue, I’ve noticed this as well and am looking into it.

Testing latest nightly found the following

1- loginpage issue has been resolved. Thank you
2- Page tab issue has been resolved. Thank you
3- Dashboard status is stopped when dashboard is actually running still remain the same but i found that if you copy psu files for first time without using the unblock-file command. The dashboard status shows correctly in admin page but of course the dashboard wont launch correctly but once you unblock files the status get changed again to stopped.
4-one other issue i have found also that if you switch off auto start and hit k the changes wont save so if you click on edit dashboard you will see auto start on.
5-one thing i have noticed and recommended as well is related to maintenance page i think the buttons Home , and Back should be removed because it will redirect user to admin page which he/she is not aware of.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see if we can resolve these before tomorrow’s release.


i was able to identify the dashboard status issue, it happened when you add a published folder. If there is no published folder the dashboard status shows correct when you stop / start the AppPool in IIS.

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