PSU 1.4.5 bugs?

Hi @adam - I have noticed that 1.4.5 is a little buggy, when upgrading it doesn’t take any dashboards because the -role has been taken away from the dashboards.ps1. This is not an issue, but the dashboards appear to be working but they are not. You cannot stop any dashboards, even if they are set to not autostart they seem to start after a service restart.

Also when deleting all dashboards and recreating them, this appears to work for a while, the dashboards can stop/start but that seems to stop working again after a while- happy to send logs if needed.

Also when creating a new dashboard with auth. it does not save the auth setting. I then need to go into the individual dashboard settings and reset it (i didn’t try from dashboards.ps1)

New-PSUDashboard -Name "Dashboard_v2_Home" -FilePath "Dashboard_v2_Home.ps1" -BaseUrl "/" -Framework "UniversalDashboard:2.9.6" -Environment "7.0.3" -Authenticated -DisableAutoStart

Let me take a look at some of these issues. This is a bit surprising based on the changes we made in this release. I’ll follow up in a bit.

Can you send me some logs? There is an issue with the auth setting for the modal but that’s the only issue I could reproduce.

I’m not seeing the issue with dashboards stopping\autorestarting.

I am now on a clean server, with MSI install, recreated dashboards and they ran fine yesterday, but today i am again stuck. PSU says the dashboards are running but the PID it lists does not exist on the server, and 0b, 0 endpoints, 0 sessions. I cannot stop and start any dashboard, button press looks like its complete but process does not dissapear and nothing happens.

The only thing in the logs that is a warning or error is:
2020-10-23T11:55:18.3789019+00:00 0HM3N5AJDKAKJ:0000013F [WRN] Dashboard proxy for dashboard 1 not found.

I have upgraded to 1.5.0 nightly and its working again, ill keep an eye on it…

Right, this is really strange… the buttons on the dashboard front stopped working again, but when clicked on the dashboard and clicked stop and start it worked fine. then i have just had a entire crash of PSU, restarted the services and its back again… logs in the post :wink:

Thanks @adam

Whoa. This is happening on 1.5 or 1.4.5? Or both?

Its on both, im currently on 1.5.0 nightly