Auto-start is not starting the dashboard after app pool recycle

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.4.1

Hey all, Hopefully just a really quick and easy one and maybe something I’m doing wrong.
I’ve worked heavily with UD / universal in the past (cake day today marks 2 years now!) but had a job change and I’ve been on a long hiatus for the last 10months. Just getting back into it now.
Just setup a new IIS server with the latest version of universal, running integrated environment, hosting the latest framework dashboard. I’m using local system for my app pool.

I have created a new dashboard and confirmed everything is working as expected.
However - when the app pool restarts, either manually or at my 2am schedule. The dashboard stops and does not auto-start, despite the setting showing in the UI as enabled. I’ve also tried switching auto start off and on just in-case it was bugged but no joy.

Any ideas?

in your case are you talking about the status in admin console or the dashboard itself no longer working until you manually start it from admin console?
am using IIS as well and i have reported same issue but in my case its just the status in admin console were dashboard is actually working in the background and i found the issue is related to loginpage.ps1 file. If i don’t use the file everything works fine.
Adam has added the fix for this issue in 2.5.0 release when it comes out next month.

You’re right, thanks, I just saw it as ‘stopped’ and assumed, just checked again and the dashboard is running despite it showing as ‘stopped’ in the universal ui, good to know its already been logged and fixed!