SQL Issues/Comments

For those that use SQL, what are your thoughts/impressions? Do you have more than one node talking to the SQL DB?

I like the idea of using SQL, but I run into so many weird things compared to a single node talking to a local LiteDB.

  1. Issue number 1. I tend not to use the UI for updating scripts and prefer to use VScode to do my work. When I have a node connected to SQL and edit through the filesystem via VSCode, I get sync issues where my changes in VSCode get reverted unless I make the change through PSU UI.
    For instance, if I make a change through VScode, it might not show up in the PSU UI after a refresh.

  2. Issue number 2. I might have a few nodes talking to this single DB, and one of those nodes might have a script unique to node one, and when I run the script, it defaults to whatever node is accessible. Can I set that script to only run on a particular node via the New-PSUScript cmdlet?

For those that have multiple nodes talking to a single DB, do you have your dev/test/prod instances all talking to a single db? or would it be better to have something like this:

Dev/test -> SQL
Prod -> SQL 

One of the reasons we are wanting to move to SQL is due to the number of variables we have stored in PSUSecretStore and BuiltInLocalVault and it’s annoying to have to reconfigure them across instances. We are also looking forward to the reporting capabilities we can get out of SQL and longer auditing.

If you read this far, I appreciate you.


@adam - Should we have a conversation with support on this?

Sure. Feel free to open a support ticket. We can have a call to discuss.

I am also running SQL, and see lots of issues lately. There have always been some quirks, but for me they definitely seem to be getting worse as time goes on.

On my instance it takes a long time to save changes through the GUI, and I think maybe there is some race condition where VSCode will send a change, but then something happens in the GUI that supersedes that change, or if I change code and then modify the script settings too soon the old code will revert back… like the change writes the whole script code and settings regardless which was changed.

Sometimes I also see VSCode get out of sync where I will make a change in VSCode and it looks like it’s saving but PSU doesn’t see the changed. Usually I have to restart VSCode to fix that.

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That is exactly what i have been seeing as well. Nothing sucks worse then when you make a change to your code, and it gets reverted back without you noticing. I thought it was just me using VScode externally and not the PSU UI.

Thanks for commenting.

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I run a two node instance to a HA SQL database. I haven’t had too much issue with VSCode changes but I have had issues with looooong save times via Powershell UI. One other issue that I experience is if you use PSCredential and you save it in the database, it still only works on one node.

For the slow saving…is it all resources (scripts, dashboards, variables etc) when this is happening?

Is git sync enabled?
How many dashboards do you have?
Have you checked out the profiler at all? It has specific timings around the configuration system and I wonder if we could get some more info on what might be slow: Profiling - PowerShell Universal

I have git sync enabled and about 10 dashboards right now. I have been using this for only a month or so (Been very happy with the product overall). I can check using the Profiling next week.

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It appears the slow saving is because it is closing and reopening every dashboard session when saving a dashboard page. Why would it do every dashboard session instead of just the dashboard the page was saved in?

Any changes to a page within a dashboard will cause the dashboard to re-deploy. You can turn off auto-deploy to stop that from happening.

Do you have more than one dashboard that are reloading or just the single dashboard?

Sorry should have worded that better. All dashboards reload not just the one where the page was changed.

Ah…yep. I can actually reproduce this. Opened an issue here: Editing dashboard pages causes all dashboards to auto-deploy · Issue #2342 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

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