PostgreSQL/ MS SQL Performance

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 5.0.0 Beta 1

I was looking at setting up a test instance of PSU with the new v5 beta and noticed that the litedb is no longer supported so I was looking at all the other options and was wondering if there is any performance gain from using MS SQL or PostgreSQL vs SQLite? We currently only use the one PSU server but may look at adding more to work in a cluster soon.

We host our single main prod instance with SQL hosted in azure and have noticed some slowness in all honesty. If you have jobs that return a lot of pipeline output or any output it is much slower than if you had the db local.

Update: turns out our sql server in azure didn’t have enough compute power (low DTU) and that was getting maxed out.

ok thanks for the update, lmk if you end up getting better performance when sql has more compute power