V3 SQL connection and persistence

I’m testing upgrading our platform from v2 to v3 and am very excited about the SQL server support.

One thing I saw while trying to get it going is that the appsettings configuration for using SQL only seems to take effect when setting it in the install directory json file, instead of the recommended approach of overriding appsettings in the ProgramData directory so that it will persist upgrades.

Am I missing something or is this one of the subset of commands that can’t be overridden in the ProgramData file, and we’ll have to set it again after each update.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.1.5

It should work from programdata. The PSU MSI actually sets the appsettings.json in programdata by default.

ah, found the problem. I screwed up the json hierarchy when I copied over my kestrel config. It works just fine if you don’t try to put the SQL setup in the kestrel section… sorry and thank you.

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