Installer need to handle current installation

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.11

right now, the MSI installer just overwrite the appsettings.json file.
Nice to have:
it should keep it and update what need to be updated in it.
Keep the old file as “appsettings.original”

Also it need to skip the step asking for service account, it should just use the old service definition.
(if service is installed, leave it alone, and dont ask for service config in the installer)

MSI installer should also take current folder locations as default, and not just put %programdata% path as default.

The appsettings.json in ProgramData will not be overwritten during upgrades: App Settings - PowerShell Universal

The installer won’t prompt for the service account if performing an upgrade (rather than uninstall\install). If you do not see this behavior, then that is unexpected and we may need to get some logs.

where are MSI logs stored?
I have moved all files to c:\PU (and im telling the installer to have all installed under this path)
maybe that is the rootcause?

could the service account prompt be because I upgraded from a 3.7.X version?