Showing "spinning circle" from new-udinput when using a different control

I have a modal using new-udinput that let’s me enter a value and shows a spinning circle while the code in the endpoint block executes:

Show-UDModal -Content {
New-UDInput -Title “Enter new password” -SubmitText “Next” -Content {
New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name “Text”
} -Endpoint {
#Do actions here

I’ve written a similar block of code to the above that requires formatting new-udinput doesn’t allow. To do that, I used new-udcard as described here: How do I nicely format a modal with headers and spacing?. Is there a way to also have the “spinning circle” appear when I submit the form and an endpoint is executing? A brief example would be much appreciated.

Hello @Hugepickle have a look through all the links on this post… Bunch of React Spinners to give a page more elegance whilst loading it has the answers. Peace