Changing the new-udinput layout

I currently have a button on one of my pages that opens a new-udmodal.
Inside this modal I have a form with 3 text input boxes and a search button, directly below, a new-udgrid with the results of the search (ad user lookup).

I have three fields:

New-UDInput -SubmitText “Search” -Content {

                            New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name searchusername -Placeholder 'Username (exact)'                           

                            New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name searchgivenname -Placeholder 'First Name (* wildcards allowed)'

                            New-UDInputField -Type textbox -Name searchsurname -Placeholder 'Surname (* wildcards allowed)'

                } -Endpoint {

Its not a massive problem, just a nuisance but each of the three input boxes display on a separate line, pushing down the results:

It would be nice to display the above three fields on the same line to reduce the screen space, however I’m struggling to acheive this. Any one have any ideas?


You’ll want to have a play with the css in your theme. Try

'.card-content' = @{ 
		'display' = 'xxx'

Where xxx could be grid, inline-grid, flex, inline-flex and others. Bear in mind this will effect all your inputs across your dashboard.


After a bit of experimenting…
You can apply the css to just one UDInput by adding

new-udhtml -markup "<style>
	.card-content {
		display : xxx;

directly after the UDInput -Endpoint {} closes.


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Great! thanks I’ll give this a shot now.